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At Bienestar Financial Advisors we believe relationships are earned. Providing information, financial tools, and advice are fundamental to earning your business. We’ve put together a library of financial information that we believe you’ll find helpful in your financial and investment planning journey.

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MyBlocks Financial Planning Tool Portal
This makes planning easy and fun. Start with My Plan Builder, a collection of six planning blocks. You will begin to create your own financial plan as the My Plan Builder blocks are completed.

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Bienestar Insights

Small Steps You Can Take to Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement can seem impossible when you are saddled with so many daily expenses: student loans, mortgage/rent, car payments, childcare, and more. But there is nothing wrong with starting small, because the power of compounding interest can go to work for you.

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Organize Your Financial Life

It can be all too easy to assume a hands-off role in your financial life, but that may invite mistakes along the way.

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Healthy Habits to Start Now

Investing in your health can benefit you not only physically, but mentally and financially as well. Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated.

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