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At Bienestar Financial Advisors we believe relationships are earned. Providing information, financial tools, and advice are fundamental to earning your business. We’ve put together a library of financial information that we believe you’ll find helpful in your financial and investment planning journey.

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Have a Plan in Place to Protect Your Wealth in a Down Market

Markets are volatile. Preparing for an uncertain stock market should be part of your long-term retirement plan.

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Annual Credit Check-Up

Be proactive with an annual credit check-up. Investors can be targets for scammers, fraudsters, and identity thieves. Protect yourself by reviewing your credit reports at least once a year and immediately reporting any suspicious activity or unfamiliar accounts.

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Painless Ways to Add to Your Rainy Day Fund

Every family should have a rainy day fund to protect itself against unpleasant surprises. It’s important to know how much to put away and how to painlessly add to your fund.

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